About Kim

"One should eat to live, not live to eat" said Moliere some centuries ago.

"Moliere was wrong" said Kim Terakes, more recently.

Kim Terakes really does live to eat. As a child, he obsessed all week about his family’s humble Sunday night Chinese dinner. In his long advertising career, he was best known for his love of lunches, famously having lunch in a restaurant virtually every working day for the past thirty five years- not to mention a lot of dinners too.

He cooked a pretty ordinary casserole dubbed ‘’Chicken Terakes’’ for the masses after games at Macquarie Uni rugby club while still in his teens. But his most inspired cooking concept was persuading his then girlfriend and now wife and her good looking chums to dress in skimpy lingerie in return for ten course degustation meals which became known as the ‘’No look, no cook’’ dinners.

Kim travelled pretty much just to eat, clocking up thirty Michelin stars on one trip to Italy and France. And travel led to writing about food. He began in the late 1980’s, initially for Australian Gourmet, then for Vogue Entertaining, BRW, GQ, the Daily Telegraph, SMH, contributed to nine Good Food Guides and was the restaurant reviewer for the Sun Herald, before co-writing their wine column with Peter Bourne.

He has five cookbooks published by Penguin, including the best-selling The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook, and The Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook. His Boys Can Cook cooking school started as something he thought might run a couple of weekends. After its tenth birthday he evolved it into We Can Cook because “the boys had enough head start’’. Terakes has had regular TV segments on both TV and radio and made dozens of recipe videos and personal appearances in shopping centres - the latter ‘’for his many sins”.

These days, Kim Terakes consults to food companies, sells food trends presentations, does PR for food, wine and travel clients and puts together food related corporate travel packages. He reckons he has written over a thousand recipes in the past ten years and never tires of learning more about different cuisines and new tricks in the kitchen. Cooking remains pleasure as well as business; he still enjoys entertaining, happily cooking sixteen course dinners for friends, or a quick plate of pasta (or five)on weekends. His wife Naomi hasn’t cooked a meal in over thirty years together.

When Kim Terakes wakes each morning his first two thoughts are “’Where will I go for lunch?’’ and ‘’What will I cook for dinner?’’ Moliere was most definitely wrong.