We Can Cook.

Every one of us.

Men and women, young and old - We Can Cook.

Whether you’re single, sharing a place, married or living together, with young kids or teens, empty nesters, divorced or retired – We Can Cook.

We Can Cook for so many different occasions. From time pressured school night dinners, flash dinner parties, Christmas lunch, casual barbies or interesting weekend breakfasts.

We Can Cook the old fashioned Anglo food of some of our parents – nothing wrong with a good roast. Or We Can Cook food from say, Italy, France, Spain, South America or the Middle East and more and more the food of Asia. It used to be mostly Chinese, but is now Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Malaysian as well.

There are so many different dishes that We Can Cook once we master a basic dish. Make a mushroom risotto and you have the basics to make a dozen others. The same is true of stir fries, pasta dishes, curries, casseroles, salads and more.

If we can shop well, We Can Cook. Yes, you can buy so much at the major supermarkets these days. But you will shop so much better at genuine grower’s markets and specialist retailers. We Can Cook better if we understand when produce is in season and at its best. And when we have relationships with retailers that allow us to know what the best fish, or cheese or piece of meat in the shop is today.

It seems that Australia is splitting in two. Some people avoid cooking as much as possible and cook to survive. They live on fast food, takeaways and half cooked processed food from supermarkets. They just need to cook. Poor them.

Then there are those of us who want to cook, just for the fun of it. Lucky us. It can be for the self- satisfaction that comes from becoming more skilful at something. Or, it can be for the enjoyment that you get from feeding family or friends – a genuine sense of hospitality.